Hello. Today I\’ll talk about cheekbone plastics. I am not familiar with contour plastics by hearsay, as I had experience with lip augmentation. After losing almost 20 kg, I noticed that for 22 years the face began to look not as fresh as before. Before that I had a predisposition to the formation of nasolabial folds, but now they have generally become some kind of creases. Imagine, at 22, I can\’t take a picture properly. And then one fine day I came to the beautician with the requirement to immediately fill my nasolabials with hyaluronic acid. The beautician saw only the correction of the cheekbones by filling them with filler as an ideal solution to the problem. It will replace the adipose tissue, and the face will visually \»tighten\». I agreed. All drugs that are used to correct the cheekbones have an increased density. in two weeks my skin gained the necessary moisture and volume and my face was transformed! Girls, this is a miracle. Zalomov disappeared, the oval tightened, and what I really did not expect at all, the bags under the eyes disappeared, and the cheekbones became embossed. Now I\’m happy with the reflection in the mirror. Girls, all success and wonderful transformations!

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