My thanks to all the staff at Diamond Laser Clinic! I did laser liposuction of the abdomen and sides 3 months ago. My legs were thin, and there was a «life buoy» on my stomach. no trainings helped. I changed my diet and trained 3-4 times a week. It lasted two years, but the stomach remained the same. I decided to undergo plastic surgery to correct my figure. The preparation was not difficult and not long. Consultation, analyzes and already the day of the operation. I was more worried about what would happen in total and I did not believe that liposuction alone could remove belly fat. BUT! My surprise was great when I noticed the result after a few days. Before that, there was swelling and I could hardly see. What can I say … 3 months have already passed, I began to indulge myself in nutrition, but at the same time my sport is always with me. I have a beautiful belly in the relatate, I have a press. I stopped being ashamed of the female sex because of my shortcomings.

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