The transition period is long gone, but the acne remained, it’s about me.Skin prone to rashes, oily, very sensitive. 32 years old. From the age of 24 I switched to expensive cosmetics, creams and thought that everything would pass and the skin would become clean. At the age of 26, the situation became critical. Large subcutaneous acne began to appear, which ached, the whole face itched, I am already silent about how it all looked. The foundation could no longer cope with all this horror, and friends began to ask what happened to me and advised doctors and cosmetologists. Here I realized that it was time to act. Then a friend advised her doctor, who cured her the same problem. And then the real treatment process began. I did laser resurfacing at low power.The face was red for about 4 days. Brown crusts did not peel off (like many). It just peels off and the redness subsides.All the time I was recovering, I went to work (the first couple of days wearing a mask), no one paid attention and never once asked what was wrong with my face.

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