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Otoplasty (ear surgery plastic)

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Otoplasty is one of esthetic surgery interventions. With its help, auricles can be altered. Their irregular shape and size can be both innate and acquired. Irrespective of this, however, otoplasty, especially the laser one, provides great results making ears look excellent. This effect and affordable price contribute to the positive feedback of patients in Kyiv.

What is an otoplasty procedure?

The otoplasty technique involves the surgical correction of the shape or size of auricles. For this purpose, the doctor exposes the cartilage and alters it. In many cases, the plastic surgery is necessary to “push” ears to the head for them not to stick out. Reasons may include the wrong height, underdeveloped antihelix or other defects. It is sufficient to make a small cut and slightly lift the skin along with auricles.

Otoplasty can be of two types (they vary in terms of complexity, duration and price). The first type is esthetic otoplasty; it is the most popular and wide-spread. The second type is reconstructive otoplasty involving the restoration of auricles, often after injuries.

Indications to otoplasty

  • Too high or too low position of auricles;
  • Their protrusion on the sides (everted ears);
  • Large ears;
  • Irregular shape, including post-traumatic deformation;
  • Asymmetrical shape or size of auricles.


General surgical. They include acute and chronic infectious diseases, malignant and benign tumors, diabetes mellitus and severe cardiovascular pathologies. Otoplasty is also contraindicated to pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

Manipulation process

Ordinary scalpels were used for otoplasty before even in such big cities like Kyiv. Now they are replaced with laser equipment. As compared to traditional otoplasty, laser ear correction enjoys positive feedback thanks to a number of advantages. They include:

  • First, high safety and precision as it is easier to control a laser unit;
  • Second, possibility of making accurate otoplasty working directly with the cartilage;
  • Third, the laser beam cauterizes damaged vessels when in contact with tissues and thus stops the bleeding;
  • Finally, laser energy also has an anti-inflammatory effect, which considerably reduces the recovery period.

How long does it take to recover from otoplasty?

Sterile bandages need to be regularly replaced under the care of a physician for the first week after laser otoplasty. This period of time is very rarely associated with complications. The surgeon who has performed laser correction of the auricle shape or size controls the entire healing process. It is also necessary to wear a special retentive bandage for a certain period of time. Physical exercise should be avoided for one to one and a half months.

Otoplasty duration

1 to 2 hours depending on otoplasty complexity.

Result of ear surgery plastic

Nice, small, neat and even ears lying symmetrically on both sides. Fast and painless at a reasonable price. Flattering comments and numerous compliments from people around.

How much does ear surgery cost in Diamond Laser?

Certainly, the cost of laser otoplasty is higher than conventional correction of auricles in Kyiv. However, the cost of otoplasty fully justifies the final result, which is confirmed by feedback. Just turn to our laser surgery and cosmetology clinic Diamondlaser to have laser otoplasty done at an optimal price in Kyiv.

Manipulation namePh.D. (Medicine)Plastic surgeon
Plastic correction of auricles (otoplasty)700 EUR 600 EUR
Plastic correction of auricles (otoplasty) — one side500 EUR 400 EUR
Plastic correction of earlobes (one side)200 EUR

* payment in UAH at the rate applicable on the day of payment

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