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Lipomodelling is a low-invasion plastic surgery combining liposuction and lipofilling. Unlike other plastic surgeries, the manipulation helps eliminate physical defects by redistributing the person’s own fatty tissue from problem zones to zones to be corrected. Lipomodelling of stomach, buttocks, breasts and hips is extremely popular.

Indications and contraindications to lipomodelling

The operation is indicated to patients regardless of their age and sex. The main indications to this type of plastic surgery are as follows:

  • unattractive contour of the stomach, wide waist and shoulders;
  • asymmetric or small breasts;
  • a wrong contour of hips and buttocks;
  • defects caused by an operation or injury.

Lipomodelling cannot be performed in case of cardiovascular, endocrine or oncological diseases, severe renal insufficiency, acute viral or bacterial infections. The operation is prohibited to people suffering from diabetes mellitus, blood coagulability disorders and immunodeficiency of various etiology.

Temporary contraindications include acute dermatitis, allergies, benign neoplasms, open wounds and fresh scars at the site of the planned intervention.

How is lipomodelling performed?

Depending on the operation site and the amount of removed fat, either local or general anesthesia is used. The surgeon sucks the fatty tissue by vacuum aspiration, then it is purified from blood fractions. After that, the required amount of fat is transplanted to the zones to be corrected using a thin syringe with a long cannula. During the manipulation, the specialist shapes the contours and corrects the defects of the figure.

In order to minimize the swelling and subcutaneous bruises and to ensure faster recovery, compression underwear should be worn. The operation lasts from 30 minutes to several hours. There are no visible traces on the skin after the intervention. The swelling disappears within 1-2 weeks. Side effects are very rare.

Lipomodelling: result and rehabilitation

The total rehabilitation period lasts up to 2 months. The early post-operative period is usually without complications. Sutures are removed on day 8-10.

The first weeks after the operation, one should avoid excessive physical activities and visiting saunas or solaria. If the manipulation is performed in summer, avoid staying in direct sun for a long time. Compression underwear may be required during the rehabilitation period.

In order to preserve the lipomodelling effect, keep to a diet. Exclude fat and farinaceous food, sweets, and semi-finished products from your diet.

The result is visible almost immediately after the manipulation. The operation shapes a body you have been dreaming of. Irregularities and figure defects are smoothened. The silhouette becomes esthetic, and a refined contour appears. Cellulitis disappears, the skin looks healthy, young and fit. The effect is preserved for a long time.

How much does lipomodelling cost?

Nowadays, lipomodelling is one of the most demanded and effective plastic surgeries. The manipulation helps eliminate cosmetic defects, add or reduce volume.

Our Diamond Laser clinic in Kyiv offers the services of highly qualified specialists at affordable prices. We guarantee high-quality care and excellent results. In order to receive a consultation, make an appointment by calling us or by filling in an application on the web-site.

LipomodellingPh.D(Medicine)Plastic surgeon
Stomach lipomodelling (fit stomach, waist modelling)2200 EUR 1800 EUR
Lipomodelling of the back, sides, buttocks and hips3500 EUR 3000 EUR
Stomach lipomodelling + breast lipofilling3500 EUR 3000 EUR

* payment in UAH at the rate applicable on the day of payment

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