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Fat transfer breast augmentation (breast lipofilling)

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Nowadays, firm and full breasts is not only a sign of health, but also an object of adoration. Women with ideal proportions have seized the television and magazines, and every woman now dreams of full breasts.

But what can you do if nature has not endowed you with particular volume or firmness? Some decide to do physical activities or apply creams that can only slightly correct the shape of the breasts. More sustainable and noticeable results can be achieved by surgical intervention using implants or breast lipofilling.

Getting ready for operation

Lipofilling is a manipulation during which a certain volume of fatty tissue is sucked out, treated and injected in the part of the body to be increased. If the operation is properly performed by qualified doctors as at the Diamond Laser center, it is absolutely safe. Breast lipofilling is particularly effective for women who want to increase breast by 1.5-2 sizes without external implants.

Before the manipulation, the patient must go through a consultation, during which the expedience of the operation and the expected result are assessed. In most cases, the resulting image is simulated using a computer. Thus a doctor can understand what the client will receive.

After a consultation a series of tests is prescribed, including:

  • urine and stool tests;
  • blood test;
  • chest X-Ray;
  • breast ultrasound.

During the examination, certain contraindications may be detected that cannot guarantee successful operation. They include different oncological diseases, worsening of chronic diseases, blood diseases, lactation period and menstruation. The latter two points are related to hormonal changes in the body that may prevent from the correct performance of the manipulation.

Immediately before the operation, the intake of drugs affecting blood coagulability should be discontinued. Harmful habits, such as alcohol and smoking, that negatively affect the healing process should be given up.

How is the operation performed?

In Kyiv, breast lipofilling at the Diamond Laser center is necessarily accompanied by doctor’s recommendations and consultations regarding the operation itself. Thus, you can get ready and psychologically prepare for the operation.

On the day of operation, it is better not to drink or eat anything because the operation usually takes place in the morning. Your doctor will provide you with a list of items that you need to take along, including a convenient bra.

The preparation for the operation and the manipulation lasts around 2 hours and includes several stages:

  1. Marking. The doctor makes the necessary marks on the regions where the fat will be injected.
  2. Liposuction. The intake of the fatty tissues from the patient’s body for further treatment. It is done by liposuction that prevents tissue damage.
  3. Treatment of materials. The obtained materials are put in a special centrifuge, separated from impurities and purified.
  4. Lipofilling. The treated materials are injected in the pre-marked site using a syringe, which minimizes the number of sutures.

The surgery is followed by post-operative rehabilitation, during which it is necessary to follow the doctor’s prescriptions. In the first place, physical activity should be limited and excessive load from the breast should be removed in order not to prevent cells from survival. During the first weeks, there may appear bruises and swelling that can be alleviated by special creams. In any case, they will resolve after several weeks.

Results of breast lipofilling

The first positive results of lipofilling will be noticeable after 3-6 months. The swelling will decrease, scars and sutures will heal, and the transplanted fatty tissue will take. The result will sustain for up to 3 years, and a corrective operation may be needed then. It is related to the structural features of fatty tissues that tend to dissolve with time. Nonetheless, the manipulation has a number of obvious advantages:

  • the breasts look natural;
  • no allergic reaction as no foreign matter is injected in the breast;
  • simultaneous correction of several zones due to liposuction;
  • no scars and fast recovery;
  • effectively corrects asymmetry as different amount of fat can be injected in each breast.

Price for breast lipofilling

The price for the operation will mainly depend on the site. For example, in Kyiv it will be more expensive than in other cities. However, it is not worth chasing low prices – a surgical intervention may seriously affect your health in case of poor performance. Therefore, you should make sure of the doctors’ qualification and then specify the price for the manipulation and subsequent correction. The Diamond Laser center offers top-quality lipofilling services at the most affordable prices on the Ukrainian market.

Manipulation namePh.D. (Medicine)Plastic surgeon
Breast lipofilling2500 EUR 2000 EUR

* payment in UAH at the rate applicable on the day of payment

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