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Lipofilling in itself means filling with fat. It can be performed on different body parts – lips, nasolabial folds, eyes, cheekbones and cheeks, legs (most frequently shins), and to make breasts and buttocks more attractive. This esthetic medical intervention has excellent feedback because the client gets double benefit for one price. The cost of the manipulation includes both lipofilling and liposuction. Therefore, it is in fact nothing but grafting of one’s own fatty tissue.

What is lipofilling?

As was noted, excessive fatty tissue is taken from problem zones to restore the beautiful shape, contour and size of the breasts, for example. Fat cells are often sucked from buttocks, stomach and legs (thighs). Then they are introduced under the skin on a certain depth (region of the eyes, cheekbone or entire cheeks, lips and nasolabial folds, shins, etc.). An important feature of fatty tissue is that it can remain elastic for a long time. Besides, since lipofilling is combined with liposuction, other body parts become attractive, too. The number of fat cells is constant, it is only their size that changes throughout the life. Thus, taking excessive cells from buttocks or legs, you can preserve their volume for a long time.

Indications to manipulation

Without resorting to other, more expensive techniques, you can correct congenital and acquired defects at a reasonable price. Indications to the manipulation are as follows:

  • deep wrinkles around lips and eyes, a pronounced line of nasolabial folds;
  • altered shape and volume of cheekbones and cheeks, and consequent face transfiguration;
  • enlargement of breasts, elimination of their asymmetry and improvement of the shape;
  • rejuvenation of different parts, for example, rounding of shins.


  • Inflammatory process, including infectious ones, in the potential correction site;
  • Diabetes mellitus and oncopathology;
  • Blood coagulation diseases;
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Manipulation process

After you consult an experienced specialist at the Diamondlaser clinic in Kiev, a tentative intervention plan will be drawn up. Lipofilling is usually performed under local anesthesia, rarely under general narcosis. As well as the price, it depends on the scope.

According to the feedback of specialists, the manipulation is rather simple. After anesthesia, fat cells will be taken from problem zones and introduced to the zones than need correction. Therefore, the patient will also undergoes liposuction within the total price for the manipulation.

How long does it take to recover from fat transfer?

Since lipofilling involves very low injury rates, especially if it is performed by qualified doctors from Diamondlaser (Kiev), there is almost no discomfort during the follow-up period. There are a number of inconveniences, but the clients’ feedback confirms that they do not limit the usual way of life. Besides, since the fatty tissue is grafted from the patient, it takes perfectly.

How long does fat grafting surgery take?

It is one and a half to two hours on average. Total duration as well as the final price depends on the scope.

Result of lipofilling

At a reasonable price and without complicated surgical operations such as plastic surgeries, you will get beautiful and neat face contours as well as the desired shape and size of certain body parts. You can read former clients’ feedback to make sure of that.

How much does fat grafting cost in Diamond Laser?

Just go to our web-site and take a look at the price list to check prices for lipofilling in Kiev. Please, note that the indicated prices are average and tentative because the final price can be found out following a consultation.

Manipulation namePh.D. (Medicine)Plastic surgeon
Face lipofilling (lips, nasolabial folds, 1 zone)260 EUR 200 EUR
Body lipofilling (1 zone)290 EUR 220 EUR
Buttocks lipofilling2000 EUR 2000 EUR
Hands lipofilling590 EUR 450 EUR
Body lipomodelling (back, sides, buttocks, thighs)3500 EUR 3000 EUR
Breast lipofilling2500 EUR 2000 EUR

* payment in UAH at the rate applicable on the day of payment

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