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Vaginal laser rejuvenation using CO2 laser

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The health of woman’s private parts is as important as it is delicate. Discomfort during a sexual intercourse or unpleasant feelings in the private parts often cause a lot of physical and psychological problems to a woman. Unfortunately, many women try to ignore these problems for various reasons (embarrassment, lack of awareness of possible medical care) and sometimes think that the problem is a norm.

However, there is a way out — it is the cutting-edge laser technique of vagina rejuvenation. This manipulation solves many intimate problems that are wide-spread among women over 30 years old. Laser treatment can restore the muscle tone of vagina, narrowing its walls and improving their flexibility. Besides, the laser beam helps eliminate:

  • dryness of mucous membranes of private parts;
  • urinary incontinence caused by decreased muscle tone;
  • hyperpigmentation and flabbiness of pudenda, and many other “woman’s” problems.

To sum up, comprehensive laser treatment helps women not only get rid of cosmetic shortcomings of the intimate body parts, but also increase their sensitivity returning the former vividness of private life.

Essence and advantages of the vaginal rejuvenation technique

Laser vulvovaginal rejuvenation is carried out without anesthesia as it is absolutely painless. Absence of pain is due to the optimal beam wavelength ensured by the most advanced laser equipment — СО2 fraction laser.

Optic conduction system is designed specially for treating soft body parts making the manipulation as effective as possible. The doctor acts on the outer and inner vulva surface with a laser beam, equally treating all problematic zones. Laser radiations “works” with the mucous membrane destroying old collagen fibers and stimulating the tissues to create new fibers.

Apart from the painlessness of this therapy, its definitive advantages include:

  • short duration of manipulations (one session lasts only 10–20 minutes);
  • elimination of both cosmetic shortcomings and functional issues;
  • the therapy is done on one day, one should not take any medicine or undergo additional medical manipulations;
  • short rehabilitation period — 2–5 days (sexual intercourses, overheating, vaginal tampons and excessive physical activity, including sport, should be avoided).

In order to achieve long-standing effect, vaginal laser rejuvenation is usually performed in a course of 3–4 sessions with intervals as determined by the doctor. The positive effect is already visible after the first session.

Indications and contraindications to the procedure

Private parts are one of the most tender and delicate regions of the woman’s body that is subject to undesirable changes as a result of ageing or traumatic factors. The main indications to the laser treatment include:

  • ureterovaginal and vulvovaginal atrophy, including climacteric period;
  • changes of the vaginal mucous epithelium — it thinning, inflammation, etc.;
  • painful sensations during sexual intercourse with the partner (dyspareunia);
  • involuntary urination and/or urinary incontinence related to the flabbiness of genital muscles (e.g., after delivery);
  • post-natal or age-related augmentation of the vagina, decrease of its muscle tone, lowering of walls;
  • consequences of genital injuries, such as scars, cicatrices, etc.; cracks in the region of perineum, vulva, anus;
  • change of color of vulvar mucous membranes and/or hyperpigmentation of pudenda caused by a disease or sudden hormonal changes (including pregnancy);
  • disturbance of the normal vaginal microflora, vaginal coleitis with increased pH level;
  • unpleasant sensations in the vulvar region — desquamation, itching, etc. not related to STDs;
  • diminishment of libido causing decreased sexual activity.

Contraindications to laser therapy include:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • some blood diseases, including autoimmune ones;
  • acute respiratory disease;
  • body temperature above 37°С;
  • pregnancy and lactation period;
  • oncological diseases;
  • pelvic inflammation and infections.

It should be noted that vaginal laser rejuvenation has no serious side effects. Thanks to this important advantage, the manipulation is very popular as compared to vaginal plastic surgeries.

Rejuvenation of private parts at the Diamond Laser clinic

Vaginal laser rejuvenation is successfully performed in Kyiv at the Diamond Laser clinic.

The price for the manipulation varies depending on the scope of work. The required number of sessions and total cost of the treatment course is determined during the consultation with a professional specialist. Each patient will enjoy a delicate individual approach to the existing problems and their effective solution with a long-standing effect.

Manipulation name Price
Laser treatment of vulvovaginal ageing4000 UAH
Laser treatment of age-related changes of mucous membrane (1 session)4000 UAH
Laser treatment of age-related changes of mucous membrane (4 sessions)12000 UAH
Laser treatment of post-natal scars3500 UAH
Laser treatment of the “big” vagina syndrome (1 session)4000 UAH
Laser treatment of the “big” vagina syndrome (4 sessions)12000 UAH
Laser treatment of vaginal atrophy (1 session)4000 UAH
Laser treatment of vaginal atrophy (4 sessions)12000 UAH
Hymenoplasty 1-2 category500-700  EUR

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