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Facial plastic surgery

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Circular lift, or face lifting, is an esthetic medical surgical intervention for lifting the skin, improving the face oval and rejuvenating. Along with breast lifting and rhinoplasty, it is one of the most popular and sought-after plastic surgeries in Kyiv. This intervention has positive feedback although its price is higher than for simpler methods, for example, injection and laser techniques.

What is a facial plastic surgery?

It is known that skin on different parts, especially on the face, loses its flexibility and elasticity. It is chiefly due to the destruction of collagen and elastane fibers. Their recovery is very slow if unaided, especially after a certain age. As a result, the skin gets saggy and deep wrinkles are formed making a person look much older.

The plastic surgery involves the removal of excess tissues, which contributes to the natural lifting of the remaining skin. At the same, wrinkles are smoothed out. This effect is confirmed by positive feedback from both highly qualified doctors in Kyiv and clients. That is why the price is considered optimal.

Indications to manipulation

  • Drooping skin on eyelids, wrinkles around the eyes, including “crow feet”;
  • Deep nasolabial folds and sagging skin on the cheeks in the form of the so-called “bulldog cheeks”;
  • Small and deep mimic wrinkles on other parts of the face, such as forehead;
  • Skin folds on the skin forming a second or even third chin.


Since lifting, just like any other plastic surgery, is a rather complicated operation, there are a number of contraindications, and they are all very important. They include:

  • Compensated diabetes mellitus;
  • Any malignant or benign tumors;
  • Blood diseases, especially insufficiency of coagulation factors;
  • Acute and worsening of chronic diseases;
  • Entire pregnancy period up to the end of breastfeeding.

Manipulation process

General anesthesia is usually required for lifting. Please, note that the cost of anesthesia is not included in the total price for the surgery. Before the operation, the surgeon examines the patient and chooses the intervention tactics. During the face lifting, small cuts are made along pre-defined lines, and excess tissues are excised. Then cosmetic sutures are made and a sterile bandage is applied. The remaining skin is lifted and the wrinkles are smoothed out.

Rehabilitation period

Patients have to stay in our clinic in Kyiv for 1–2 days after the operation and then they can go home. Patients need to come and change the bandage regularly (once every 2–3 days at initial stages). Sauna, swimming pool, massage and any other procedures are strictly prohibited. The effect is visible only after a month.

How long does facial plastic surgery last?

The duration of the surgery and its price vary depending on complexity. On average it is between 2.5 and 3 hours, but sometimes facial lifting takes up to 5 hours.

Result of facial plastic surgery

A young face without wrinkles, with an even oval and no excess tissue for several years at a reasonable price. Once post-operative sutures get healed, you will not be able to take your eyes off your reflection in the mirror!

How much does it cost to have plastic surgery on face in Diamond Laser?

Out clinic offers high-quality lifting performed by professional surgeons at an optimal price in Kyiv. You can check detailed prices on our price list. You can also read feedback about our work right on the web-site.

Manipulation namePh.D. (Medicine)Plastic surgeon
Circular face lift + neck liposuction (2х vectorial)2500-3500 EUR 2500-3500 EUR
Lifting of eyebrow and temple zones with lipofilling1700 EUR
Neck lift1500-1700 EUR
Forehead lift1500-2000 EUR
Removal of Bichat’s fat pads500 EUR 400 EUR
Face lipofilling (lips, nasolabial folds, 1 zone)260 EUR 200 EUR

* payment in UAH at the rate applicable on the day of payment

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