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Buttock plastic surgery

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Gluteoplasty is a corrective operation in the modern esthetic surgery. As follows from its name, this plastic surgery aims to alter the shape and/or the size of buttocks. Many representatives of the fair sex know firsthand about the problem of sagging muscles on different parts of the body.

Unfortunately, buttocks are no exception, and, accordingly, surgery is often the only solution. Nowadays, many people in Kyiv can afford it taking into account prices at our clinic. This plastic surgery also has positive feedback from both specialists and clients.

Buttock plastic surgery description

As is known, with age, as a result of multiple weight loss and gain and for many other reasons, all human tissues gradually lose their flexibility and elasticity, whereas the fat deposits grow larger. Whatever the physical exercise and its price, a surgery will be necessary in most cases.

Today, there are several varieties of gluteoplasty. First, the traditional surgical method – operation proper, or lifting. Small cuts are made in the respective parts of the buttocks, excessive saggy skin is excised and then sutured contributing to the natural lifting of muscles.
Second, a much less invasive procedure that can be hardly called an operation, if only in terms of the cost. It is the so-called mesotherapy involving the introduction of mesothreads into the tissues. The final price depends on the number of these threads because the main component of the total amount is their cost price. The effectiveness of this type of plastic surgery is confirmed by positive feedback.

Third, gluteoplasty can involve implants. Usually, silicone is used for implants. It can also be one’s own fatty tissue. In the latter case, this surgery is called lipofilling. For one price, excess fat deposits can be removed and the shape or size of buttocks can be improved. One’s own material is safer as compared to silicone.

In this case, gluteoplasty involves making a pocket between muscles and other structures. The implant (silicone or one’s own fat) is placed in this pocket and remains there giving the necessary shape and size to your buttocks. Please note that the price of the plastic surgery does not include the cost of the implant, i.e. materials and surgery are paid for separately.

Indications for buttocks plastic surgery

  • Muscles and skin in the buttocks that have lost their flexibility and elasticity;
  • Their altered shape as a result of multiple weight changes, age, diseases, etc., when the plastic surgery is performed to improve one’s appearance;
  • Too big or too little buttocks that cause discomfort;
  • Gluteoplasty is rarely performed after injuries.


This manipulation chiefly has general surgical contraindications – diabetes mellitus and other chronic diseases, suppurative inflammation, pregnancy and lactation. The decision to do gluteoplasty is made only after consulting our doctor in Kyiv.

Manipulation process

During the consultation with a highly qualified and experienced specialist, the most suitable type of plastic surgery (also in terms of the price) will be chosen. If you have any doubts, the doctor will answer all your questions. Besides, you can read the feedback.

Rehabilitation period after gluteoplasty

It all depends on the type of gluteoplasty. It is about seven days for mesotherapy, and 1-1.5 months for other types. You will feel slight discomfort in the muscles, they may be swelling for some time, a hematoma or hematomas may appear. Physical exercise is strictly prohibited for 1–2 months. In general, the recovery period is almost painless.

Manipulation duration

On average, it lasts from one to two and a half hours, including anesthesia (if necessary). Everything depends on the chosen method, too.

Gluteoplasty results

After the operation, you will have perfect buttocks of your dream – shapely, fit, rounded and the size you wanted. In the case of lipofilling, other body parts will also change to the better.

How much does a gluteoplasty cost in Diamond Laser?

The prices for such services in such a big city like Kyiv vary greatly depending on the center. However, clients will find he best value for money at or clinic.

It is also confirmed by a lot of positive feedback from our happy clients who have long been enjoying the results.

Manipulation namePh.D. (Medicine)Plastic surgeon
Gluteoplasty (lifting)3000 EUR 3000 EUR
Gluteoplasty (endoprosthesis), excl. cost of prosthesisfrom 2000 EUR from 2000 EUR
Lipofilling of buttocks2000 EUR 2000 EUR
Lipomodelling of buttocks3000 EUR 3000 EUR

* payment in UAH at the rate applicable on the day of payment

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