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Plastic surgery

Since the plastic surgery of face and other body parts is in great demand, we made sure to provide a wide range of services. In each category, you can learn about particular plastic surgery techniques in more detail, find out their cost, see feedback of those who have undergone this technique, and make a final decision about changing your appearance.

Competitive advantages of our clinic

First, Diamondlaser (Kyiv) employs experienced and qualified specialists in respective domains (trichologists, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, etc.) with higher medical education rather than cosmetologists who have recently completed courses.

plasticheskaya hirurgiya_resultSecond, all plastic surgeries at our clinic are performed using state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technologies. Each surgery technique applied at the clinic is recognized by surgeons worldwide and has good feedback from specialists.

Third, our prices are affordable to every citizen of Kyiv. Besides, according to our previous clients’ feedback, the good result fully justifies the price. To find out the price for a certain operation, you can look up the pricelist on the page for the selected category.

Finally, we have a personalized approach to every patient. Plastic surgery for us is not just elimination of an anatomic defect, but also assistance in achieving attractive appearance. We do not only help improve the shape or size of a body part, but we also transfigure the person.

Types of plastic surgeries at our clinic

Nowadays, the Diamondlaser clinic (Kyiv) performs the following surgeries at a high level and at an optimum price:

  • Abdominoplasty, or abdominoplasty with liposuction, allowing you to get a stomach of your dream;
  • Rhinoplasty (nose and face shape correction) and septoplasty (operation for straightening the nasal septum), thanks to which the nose will have the desired shape and size, and you will get rid of breathing problems;
  • Facioplasty that lifts wrinkles and rejuvenates the face by several years;
  • Plastic surgery of private parts (surgery for reducing labia minora), thanks to which many young women will gain self-confidence, get rid of the fear of intimate relations and improve their sexual life;
  • Otoplasty (ear shape correction) will help get rid of another appearance-related complex;
  • Gluteoplasty will make the buttocks fit and firm creating a figure of your dream;
  • Lipofilling — a surgery consisting in filling different body parts, for example buttocks or breast, with your own fatty tissue. This technique is much safer than insertion of transplants, and you get a double effect for the same price — removal of fat and creation of beautiful shapes.

Each section has a price list with the costs of particular manipulations. However, the final price will only be known after consulting our specialist in Kyiv.

Prices for plastic surgery at the Diamond Laser clinic

Manipulation name Ph.D. (Medicine) Plastic surgeon


Lifting of the lower third of the face 2500 EUR 2500 EUR
Lifting of the lower third of the face + chin 2800 EUR 2800 EUR
Lifting of the lower third of the face + chin + neck 3500 EUR 3500 EUR
Neck lifting 1500-1700 EUR --
Lifting of eyebrows, temporal regions with lipofilling 1700 EUR --
Lifting of eyebrows by skin excision 800 EUR 800 EUR
Forehead lifting 1500-2000 EUR --
Cheiloplasty (bullhorn) -- 1000 EUR
Removal of Bichat’s fat pads 400 EUR 300 EUR
Chin prosthetics (excl. cost of implant, 300-500 EUR 1000 EUR --
Rhinoplasty (nasal plastic surgery) 2900-3900 EUR --
Plastic surgery of auricles (otoplasty) 780-1170 EUR 600 EUR
Plastic surgery of auricles (otoplasty) 1 ear/2 ears 500-700 EUR 400-600 EUR
Face lipofilling (lip, nasolabial folds, 1 zone) 260 EUR 200 EUR


Body lipofilling (1 zone) 290 EUR 220 EUR
Buttocks lipofilling 2000 EUR 2000 EUR
Hand lipofilling (1 zone) 590 EUR 450 EUR
Stomach lipomodelling (fit abs, waist shaping) 2200 EUR 1800 EUR
Lipomodelling of the back, sides, buttocks and hips 3500 EUR 3000 EUR
Lipomodelling of stomach + breast lipofilling 3500 EUR 3000 EUR

Body plastic surgery

Laser lipolysis (1 zone) 4900 EUR 4000 EUR
Endoscopic abdominoplasty (without sutures) 3000 EUR 3000 EUR
Elimination of diastasis recti abdominis (classical technique) 1500 EUR 1500 EUR
Elimination of diastasis recti abdominis (endoscopic) 3500 EUR 3500 EUR
Mini-abdominoplasty 1500 EUR 1500 EUR
Gluteoplasty (lifting buttocks) 3000 EUR 3000 EUR
Gluteoplasty (endoprosthetics) (excl. cost of prosthesis from EUR 1500) 2000 EUR 2000 EUR
Treatment of varicose veins (1 leg) 910 EUR 700 EUR
Sclerotherapy (1 zone), minimum 2 zone 90 EUR 60 EUR
Sural endoprosthesis (excl. cost of prosthetics EUR 800) 1200 EUR --


Breast augmentation (endoprosthesis). The cost of implants (EUR 1050–1650) and compression underwear (bra) is not included 1700-2600 EUR 1700-2600 EUR
Breast reduction, reduction mammoplasty with liposuction or lipofilling 2500-3000 EUR 2500-3000 EUR
Breast lipofilling 2500 EUR 2000 EUR
Breast lifting, mastopexy 2500-3000 EUR 2500-3000 EUR
Correction of nipple and areola 350 EUR 270 EUR
Gynecomastia (one side) liposuction + laser lipolysis + histology 560-925 EUR 430-710 EUR

Intimate surgery

Plastic surgery of labia majora (lipofilling) both sides 350 EUR 270 EUR
Laser plastic surgery of labia minora (excision) one/two sides 470-710 EUR 360-550 EUR
Laser rejuvenation (whitening) of private parts + UAH 1500 intergluteal cleft 3500 UAH 3500 UAH
Laser whitening of intergluteal cleft -- 1500 UAH

Daycare surgery

Injection for scar treatment (for resolution) -- 780 UAH
Laser scar excision (1cm on body) -- 2000 UAH
Laser scar excision (1cm on face) -- 3000 UAH
Laser scar excision (10cm) -- 11700 UAH
Laser neoplasm removal (lipoma, atheroma) -- 2000 UAH
Laser removal of ingrown nail (one nail) -- 2000 UAH

Treatment of alopecia

Hair transplantation (less than 1000 grafts), 1 graft -- 40 UAH
Hair transplantation (more than 1000 grafts), full cut, 1 graft -- 26 UAH
Hair transplantation (more than 1000 grafts), partial cut (only back of the head) incl. hair transplantation for women, 1 graft -- 35 UAH
Hair transplantation (eyebrows, eyelashes, beard), 1 graft -- 50 UAH
Hair transplantation (more than 1000 grafts), without cutting, 1 graft -- 75 UAH

Additional services

Surgeon’s consultation 800 UAH 300 UAH
Bondaging -- 200 UAH
Repeated surgeon’s examination 300 UAH 200 UAH
Lipoma histology -- 750 UAH
Suturing after neoplasm resection -- 500 UAH

* payment in UAH at the rate applicable on the day of payment