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Tancyura Viktoriya

Dermato-Cosmetologist, specialist in laser technology and aesthetic medicine.


Kharkiv National Medical University.


  • facial and body cosmetology courses (V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University);
  • contouring plastics courses ( Magnifique beauty school, Kharkiv);
  • courses of facial mesotherapy, body liposculpture, trichology mesotherapy and biorevitalization (Valmari Kharkiv);
  • certified specialist in the area of laser technology in dermatology and aesthetic medicine;
  • laser technologies for rejuvenation, removal of vessels, scars and striae;
  • use of products: Juvederm, Surgiderm, Neauvia, Dysport Macdermol, MesoWharton, MesoXantin, MesoEye, MesoSculpt, MesoGenesis, mesoEXPERT. Hyalax;
  • contouring plastics courses (Beauty Industry Training Academy A. Funykova, Kyiv);
  • scientific and practical seminars by the Ukrainian-American Training Center for Medical Cosmetology and Minimally Invasive Surgery (Kyiv);
  • treadlift in aesthetic medicine. Uptos. Contour plastic. Botulinum toxin. (Aesthetic Consilium School, Kyiv);
  • thread lifting Silhouette soft ( «Nike-Med», Kyiv).

Regular participant of congresses and exhibitions –  Kharkiv Beauty (Kharkiv), Intercharm (Kyiv), «Expo Beauty» (Kyiv).

Participation in associations:

Member of the Association of Laser Medicine and Cosmetology.

Successfully uses the following technologies in the field of aesthetic medicine:

  • laser hair removal with alexandrite, neodymium, diode laser and photoepilation;
  • removal of neoplasms by using CO2 and neodymium lasers;
  • removal of vascular mesh, hemangioma by neodymium laser;
  • removal of scars and streaks with CO2 laser;
  • laser treatment: acne (acne), onychomycosis (nail fungus), pigment spots;
  • rejuvenation with the use of the most modern and popular hardware techniques (laser fraction grinding, thermolifting, fractional RF-lifting, SMAS-lifting, neodymium rejuvenation laser, photorejuvenation);
  • plasma therapy, mesotherapy, biorevitalization;
  • face contouring: lip enlargement, elimination of various asymmetries, formation of cheekbones;
  • injections of Dysport, treatment of hyperhidrosis.


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