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Nipple and areola reduction

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Correction of nipples and areolas is a surgical intervention with the purpose of altering their size (often reduction) or shape. It is often part of other mammoplasty surgeries altering the size or shape of the entire mammary gland, but it can also be a separate manipulation. The correction can also make different nipples be of the same size or make areolas look symmetrical.

The representatives of the fair sex in Kiev and other cities leave positive feedback about this type of mammoplasty, and its price at our clinic is affordable for many people.

What is nipple surgery?

Almost every woman has asymmetrical areolas or mammary glands. However, usually it cannot be seen with the naked eye. Slightly different nipples do not make woman’s breasts unattractive. Nevertheless, noticeably asymmetrical nipples cause discomfort, and many women start being ashamed of their breasts.

Most frequently, areolas as well as mammary glands naturally have an irregular size and shape. The second most frequent reason is the general changes in the breasts following the lactation period. Breastfeeding gradually weakens the muscle layer, and the fatty layer loses its elasticity and sensitivity. Unfortunately, in all these cases only surgical correction can be effective.

In the process of nipples and areola correction, the surgeon makes several cuts in pre-marked places on the mammary glands (under the breast). The so-called excessive tissue is removed. At the same time, subsequent suturing of a lesser amount of tissues contributes to natural lifting, which also positively affects the shape, size, sensitivity and general appearance of the breast.

It should also be noted that though nipples are covered by clothes all the time (even a swimming suit fully covers areolas), a defect of such an important part of the woman’s body as mammary glands negatively affects psychological comfort, decreases the subjective feeling of attractiveness and, consequently, brings down the level of self-appraisal.

Therefore, the representatives of the fair sex are ready to pay any price, especially such an affordable one as in the Diamondlaser clinic in Kiev, only to feel excellent. It also contributes to a lot of positive feedback.

Indications for areola reduction surgery

  • Irregular shape of areolas or nipples, including an irregular ring, visible with the naked eye;
  • Too large or too little rings or nipples;
  • Asymmetrical areolas, usually with uneven mammary glands, affecting the general appearance of breasts.

Please, note that the patient should be at least 18 years old. Some surgeons also mention another indication in their feedback. Some specialists believe that the operation should not be performed before a woman gives birth to a child and finishes breastfeeding.


Correction of nipples and areolas, as well as mammary glands in general, is not performed on pregnant and nursing women, in case of acute and chronic infectious diseases, diabetes mellitus and some other blood system diseases. As mentioned before, a relative contraindication may be considered an age under 18 years and lack of children.

How is areola and nipple reduction performed?

It is necessary to undergo some medical tests in a medical laboratory in Kiev. Then it is necessary to consult with our experienced specialist — breast doctor. The manipulation is performed under local anesthesia. Then several cuts are made along pre-marked lines, and sutures are applied subsequently.

Rehabilitation period after correction of nipples and areolas

In the beginning, there is edema, reddening, swelling and slight discomfort. Sensitivity is sharply altered, but the nipples fully restore it after healing. Depending on individual anatomic features, the sensitivity alterations can be more long-lasting, which often receives positive feedback from patients.

Manipulation duration

The duration and the total price depend on correction complexity. Time and price also depends on whether one or both mammary glands will be altered. On average, it will take one and a half to two and a half hours to make breasts of your dream.

What’s the outlook?

After the recovery period, your nipples will be the desired size and the areola ring perfectly even and symmetrical. The sensitivity often changes to the better, which is confirmed by the patients’ feedback.

Cost of nipple reduction in Diamond Laser

You will get the most affordable prices in Kiev in our clinic, and the price completely matches the high and sustainable result. All prices are indicated in the from/to range in the price list.

Manipulation namePh.D. (Medicine)Plastic surgeon
Nipple and areola reduction (one side)350 EUR 270 EUR

* payment in UAH at the rate applicable on the day of payment

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