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Breast reduction

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Breast reduction is a type of mammoplasty. Its purpose is to alter the volume of both breast glands or just of one of them to make them symmetrical. This operation is not so popular as breast augmentation. Accordingly, there is less feedback about it. When it comes to the price, it is somewhat lower because it does not include the cost of the material used for breast augmentation.

Manipulation description

After you read the feedback and take a final decision, you will need to consult our doctor in Kyiv. He or she will choose the operation tactics and the most suitable surgical access and will specify other details. Breast reduction is not very complicated, but it is not the easiest surgery. It is confirmed both by its price and feedback.

Indications to manipulation

  • Too large (subjectively) breast glands;
  • Inborn or acquired breast asymmetry;
  • Enlargement of breast glands associated with childbirth or sharp weight fluctuations.


Breast reduction surgery is not performed on pregnant women, nursing mothers (wait until the end of the lactation period), and persons under 18. The opinions of many surgeons differ because some consider this age to be mandatory, while others insist on the attainment of complete sexual maturity. This intervention, just like any other mammoplasty, is not performed in the case of mastopathy, tumors, diabetes mellitus and blood diseases (due to poor healing). Besides, if you have acute or chronic infectious diseases in the worsening phase, the operation swill have to be put off.

Manipulation process

At a prior consultation in Diamondlaser (Kyiv), a qualified specialist determines the course of the operation and other technical aspects. Patients will have to undergo examination with mandatory breast ultrasound. Breast reduction is performed under local anesthesia, rarely under general anesthesia. Since the gland chiefly consists of fatty tissue, its excess is excised to the desired size simultaneously on both sides (or on one side in case of asymmetry) together with the skin. As a result, not only the size is reduced, but the skin is also lifted naturally for one and the same price.

Rehabilitation period after breast reduction

Depending on the scope, you may have to stay one day at the inpatient department of our clinic in Kyiv. Then you will have to come to the clinic to have the sutures taken out after 5–7 days after the mammoplasty. At first, there will be slight discomfort due to the post-operative swelling. In general, the patient can lead a normal life. The only thing that is strictly prohibited is physical exercise for 1–2 months.

How long is breast reduction surgery?

On average 1.5–2 hours are enough, sometimes even less, as this intervention takes shorter as compared to breast augmentation.

Result of breast reduction

Nice, ideally symmetrical breasts of a perfect size and shape for a reasonable price.

What is the price of breast reduction surgery in Diamond Laser?

The price for this manipulation in Kyiv varies depending on the clinic. However, it is clear that no excellent result is possible for a low price. That is why we offer a great alternative solution – professional breast reduction surgery in Kyiv at an optimal price.

Manipulation namePh.D. (Medicine)Plastic surgeon
Breast reduction, reduction mammoplasty with liposuction or lipofilling2500 — 3000 EUR 2500 — 3000 EUR
Gynecomastia (one side) liposuction + laser lipolysis + histology560 — 925 EUR 430 — 710 EUR

* payment in UAH at the rate applicable on the day of payment

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