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Breast lift surgery

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Breast lifting (scientifically termed mastopexy) is a surgical intervention falling into the category of esthetic (reparative) surgeries. As is known, breast glands decrease with time or after the lactation period. And, conversely, the skin stretches due to its high elasticity. A certain role is played by the loss of fitness and tone of breast muscles. As a result, the breast may have the same size, but the sagging breast glands are not particularly attractive.

What is mastopexy surgery?

The tactics, course and the price of mastopexy at the Diamond Laser clinic in Kyiv in the first place depends on the degree of breast gland sagging (medically termed ptosis). The classification is based on the position of the nipple. There are the following grades:

  1. Grade 1, or minimal ptosis. In this type, the nipple is on the level of the so-called inframammary crease (lying right under the breast gland);
  2. Grade 2, or moderate ptosis. The nipple is 1–3 cm below the inframammary crease but does not reach the lower pole of the breast;
  3. Grade 3, or significant ptosis. The nipple is more than 3 cm below the crease and reaches the lower pole.

There are also other types of breast sagging. In glandular ptosis, the nipple position is normal, but the tissue of the glands gets so enlarged that it goes beneath the level of the crease. Mastopexy is also required for pseudoptosis because the nipple is above the crease, but breast glands go down beneath the crease due to the reduction of the amount of tissue.

The price for breast lifting depends on the ptosis grade or type. It also determines the section type:

  1. Periareolar section most suits mastopexy on small to middle-sized breasts with grade 1 ptosis; it is done where nipple areola touches the breast skin;
  2. Circumareolar section (around the nipple areola) is used when it is necessary to remove a large amount of skin and raise the nipple by more than 2 cm in case of grade 2 ptosis; this option is also often chosen to reduce the diameter of large areolas and correct the asymmetry of breasts;
  3. Vertical section (around the areola with an additional vertical cut from areolas to inframammary crease) has the best feedback from both experienced surgeons and patients; it has good results with ptosis of any grade and suits any anatomical features of the breasts;
  4. Т-shaped (anchor) section. It is used less often, chiefly for significant sagging.

Indications to manipulation

As is also the case with breast enlargement, mastopexy only has indications associated with making breasts more attractive. The main indication is sagging due to age-related changes or after lactation.


  1. Benign and malignant breast neoplasms, mastopathy and other specific diseases;
  2. Severe acute and chronic infections, acute purulent and non-purulent processes;
  3. Diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular pathologies.

Please note that planned pregnancy is not a contraindication to breast lifting since it does not affect the ability to breastfeed. However, it should kept in mind that breast glands can get deformed during pregnancy, and the effect of mastopexy may be diminished, but it does not depend on how much the operation cost, who performed it or whether it was done in Kyiv or abroad.

Manipulation process

After consultation and comprehensive medical examination at the Diamond Laser clinic in Kyiv, the intervention tactics is determined. Breast lifting often requires general anesthesia, but in rare cases local anesthesia may be sufficient.

In the process of mastopexy, an experienced, highly-qualified surgeon of the Diamond Laser clinic remodels the breast tissue, eliminates ptosis, repositions the nipple to the right place and excises the overstretched skin leaving the volume unchanged.
Patients should stay at the in-patient department for 1–3 days after the operation.

How long does it take to heal from a mastopexy?

The recovery period ranges from 1 to 2 weeks (sutures are taken out after 5–10 days). At the initial stage, it is recommended to limit upper limb movements for up to 3–4 weeks after sutures have been taken out. Complications on breast glands and the whole body are very rare. The cosmetic scar will heal completely after 6–12 months.

How long is breast lift surgery?

Breast lifting takes from 2 to 3 hours depending on the breast sagging grade and the chosen tactics of surgical intervention.

Breast lift results

Good results are confirmed by positive feedback from many satisfied clients and their partners. The breasts retain their size, and the mammary glands get a beautiful shape and elasticity. As compared to endoprosthetics (breast enlargement), the cost of mastopexy is considerably lower. In this however, there are no late complications typical of breast augmentation, in particular, no risk of tumor transformation.

Please, note that subsequent weight loss or gain, a wrong diet that reduces skin elasticity, and pregnancy negatively affect the results of breast lifting. Proper physical exercise will help preserve the shape of breast glands.

How much does it cost to get a breast lift in Diamond Laser?

In order to find out how much breast lifting will cost in Kyiv, you should first consult the specialist of the Diamond Laser clinic (Kyiv). The final price for mastopexy will be calculated depending on the current state of breast glands. You can read the feedback of our former clients to make sure that our clinic offers an optimal price. The tentative price for breast lifting is UAH 20,000.

Manipulation namePh.D. (Medicine)Plastic surgeon
Breast lifting (mastopexy)2500-3000 EUR 2500-3000 EUR

* payment in UAH at the rate applicable on the day of payment

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