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Mammoplasty is a set of esthetic operative interventions aimed to alter the breast shape or size. Nowadays, it is very popular in Kyiv and has positive feedback. Besides, this plastic surgery has affordable prices at the Diamondlaser clinic in Kyiv.

Manipulation description

This plastic breast surgery varies depending on the aims and characteristics. There is:

  • Reduction of breasts and their augmentation using implants (this type of mammoplasty is called endoprosthetics) or one’s own fat (lipofilling);
  • Breast lifting restoring its beautiful natural shape (mastopexy);
  • Shape reconstruction of both the breast and nipple areolas;
  • Elimination of breast asymmetry, inborn or acquired after lactation, injury or operative intervention. Certainly, correction of breast size, i.e. plastic surgery for its augmentation, is in greatest demand and has the most feedback. The cost of mammoplasty depends on the type and, in case of breast augmentation, on the price of implants.

Indications to manipulation

  • Inborn breast defects (wrong shape, asymmetry of breasts or nipples);
  • Pendulous breast after breastfeeding; also shape and size disorders caused by injurious or previous traditional or plastic operations;
  • Too small or too large breast (subjective indication when mammoplasty only has esthetic significance).


  • All types of mastopathy, malignant and benign tumors;
  • Allergic, bacterial or viral rash in the breast region;
  • Chronic and acute systemic infectious diseases;
  • Diabetes mellitus at the compensation stage;
  • A relative contraindication to breast correction is also a low age of the patient. Some surgeons in Kyiv believe that it is 18 years, others that this is sexual maturity age, and still others do not recommend this plastic surgery to women who have not given birth and maidens.

Manipulation procedure

You should first look for feedback, decide whether the price suits you, and choose what result you want to get. Then you should make an appointment for a consultation and discuss with the doctor, which type of mammoplasty will suit you best. This plastic surgery is often performed under general anesthesia, especially if it is breast augmentation using implants or lipofilling. While you are under narcosis, our highly qualified surgeon will perform mammoplasty.

Rehabilitation period

Depending on the chosen type of mammoplasty, the rehabilitation period may be estimated. It is around 10 days on average. Sutures can be removed on Day 5–7. After this, you can return to your normal lifestyle except for physical exercise. It should be avoided for one to one and a half months after mammoplasty.

Manipulation duration

Mammoplasty takes from 1 to 2.5 hours depending on the selected breast correction type.


Beautiful, fit, good-shaped and absolutely symmetrical breast at an affordable price. The effect of mammoplasty will last for decades.


The price for this plastic surgery in Kyiv varies greatly depending on the clinic. However, if you are interested in a perfect outcome at an optimal cost, the Diamondlaser clinic of laser surgery and cosmetology (Kyiv) is exactly what you need!

Our clients’ feedback and a consultation of an experienced surgeon with the discussion of all details will assure you of the quality of mammoplasty performed at our clinic and of the affordability of our prices.

Manipulation namePh.D. (Medicine)Plastic surgeon
Breast augmentation (endoprosthetics)The price does not include: implants 1050– 1650 EUR and compression underwear (bra)1700- 2600 EUR1700-2600 EUR
Breast reduction, reduction mammoplasty with liposuction or lipofilling2500-3000 EUR2500-3000 EUR
Breast lipofilling2500 EUR2000 EUR
Breast lifting (mastopexy)2500-3000 EUR2500-3000 EUR
Nipple and areola correction (one side) 350 EUR270 EUR
False/True gynecomastia (one side)560-925 EUR430-710 EUR

* payment in UAH at the rate applicable on the day of payment

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