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The treatment of alopecia is an ensemble of techniques that help arrest alopecia and stimulate hair growth. At the Diamondlaser clinic in Kyiv, this pathology may be eliminated using three techniques described below. They differ in terms of the mode of action, results, and, certainly, price. However, all the three techniques have positive feedback.

Manipulation description

Such pathology as hair loss (scientifically termed alopecia) is manifested by increased hair loss and its slow growth. Interestingly, the hair loss is not homogeneous. It most frequently starts at the top of the head and then spreads gradually. Heredity plays the leading role in this pathology. In the majority of cases, hereditary alopecia is characteristic of men, while hair loss in women is caused by other reasons. Another characteristic feature of alopecia is that it may manifest itself at a relatively young age – 25-30 years and earlier. Unfortunately, there is no treatment method that would be 100% effective. Nevertheless, contemporary esthetic medicine has made great advances and, according to feedback, it is not impotent even in such complex pathology as alopecia.

Indications to manipulation

Hereditary alopecia, inborn and acquired pathologies associated with increased hair loss and slow hair growth on the head, including those related to long-term diseases and administration of certain medicine.


They depend on the concrete technique. Generally, these are any blood diseases and infectious head skin disorders, autoimmune diseases, diabetes mellitus, intake of medicine affecting blood coagulability, individual intolerance to therapeutic cocktail components, pregnancy and lactation. There should be enough hair for its transplantation.

Manipulation procedure

The DiamondLaser clinic in Kyiv offers three alopecia treatment techniques. First, it is mesotherapy. Certain nutritional cocktails, whose price depends on ingredients, are injected into head skin using microneedles. Due to the large number of special substances required for hair growth, the bulbs are supplied better, which contributes to the growth of healthy and beautiful hair. The technique is not effective for all types of this pathology.

Second, it is transplantation. In general, it suggests taking one’s own bulbs from regions with good growth and their engraftment in hair loss regions. The transplantation is not always possible either, particularly in case of insufficient number of hair bulbs (at later stages of alopecia).

Finally, it is plasmotherapy. The patient’s own blood is sampled and separated so that plasma with a high concentration of platelets remains. The plasma is then injected into head skin like in mesotherapy. According to feedback, this treatment is the safest and more affordable in terms of cost. Both factors are due to the fact that the patient’s own blood is taken instead of medicine, hence the name.

Rehabilitation period

Not long for any of techniques. More details and feedback can be found in respective sections.

Manipulation duration

30-40 minutes for injection techniques and from 1.5 hours for transplantation. The course includes several sessions depending on pathology severity.

Result of hair transplant

It mainly depends on how soon the patient turns for help and on a number of individual features. Hair loss stops, the growth of healthy and beautiful hair is stimulated, and the transplanted bulbs take on well and conceal the esthetic defect as much as possible.

Prices for hair transplant

All prices are indicated in the price list for your convenience. Prices are for one session.

Manipulation namePrice
Hair transplantation (less than 1000 grafts), 1 graft40 UAH
Hair transplantation (more than 1000 grafts), 1 graft26 UAH
Hair transplantation (more than 1000 grafts), partial cut (only back of the head), incl. hair transplantation for women, 1 graft35 UAH
Hair transplantation (eyebrows, eyelashes, beard), 1 graft50 UAH
Hair transplantation (more than 1000 grafts), without cutting, 1 graft75 UAH
Trichologist’s consultation + computer diagnostics of hair500 UAH
Hair plasmotherapy2300 UAH

* payment in UAH at the rate applicable on the day of payment

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