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Laser liposuction

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Laser liposuction is a popular non-interventional method of getting rid of excessive subcutaneous fat in different parts of the body. It is now in high demand and those who have already tried removing the fat leave positive feedback. Another advantage of the laser liposuction of face, stomach and other problem zones is an affordable price for everyone who wants to look great. In Kiev, you will find the optimal price in the laser surgery and cosmetology clinic Diamondlaser.

What is laser lipo and does it work?

Laser and ultrasound techniques are considered the most up-to-date. We, for our part, focus on the former rather than the ultrasound technique. Although prices for laser liposuction are almost the same as for the ultrasound, the final result is better.

Fat is removed not only from the stomach or thighs, but also from the most delicate parts (chin, cheeks, malar areas under the eyes, patellar area, inner parts of arms, back, sides, etc.) and areas with flabby skin. Laser fat removal is painless and is almost never associated with swelling and hematomas. The rehabilitation of period is short and does not involve discomfort.

A special very thin cannula conducts laser or ultrasound energy through a puncture only 0.2 mm in diameter. We use the neodymium laser with the wavelength of 1064 nm in our clinic in Kiev. This energy causes lipolysis (immediate destruction of fat cells).

Under the influence of the beam, fat cells burst and their content goes out and is further excreted in a natural way (through the bloodstream). Laser liposuction enjoys excellent feedback from experts because the beam immediately cauterizes the damaged vessels thus preventing profuse bleeding. The price of laser therapy is justified by its anti-inflammatory action that speeds up healing processes.

Alongside with lipolysis, the beam stimulates the production of collagen required for skin elasticity. Therefore, you pay once and not only get rid of the fat but also lift the problematic part of the body creating a rigid framework.

Indications to manipulation

There are no specific indications to liposuction, so the only indication is your desire to look excellent and have a slim figure.


  • Allergic rash and injuries (scratches, cuts, etc.) on the skin around the site of laser surgery;
  • Seborrhea, eczema and psoriasis, herpetic rash, strepto- and pyoderma;
  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding;
  • Any neoplasms;
  • Diabetes mellitus, chronic cardiovascular diseases;
  • The possibility of liposuction should be reconfirmed if there are multiple moles and surface vessel pathologies on the target body part.

Manipulation process

As soon as you check the feedback and make sure that the laser surgery and cosmetology clinic Diamondlaser offers the best prices in Kiev, you should make an appointment. After specifying the site for laser liposuction and in the absence of contraindications, the manipulation date is fixed.

Another advantage of non-interventional technique is that you do not need any special preparation. A thin cannula is introduced under the skin under local anesthesia, and the laser beam that causes lipolysis acts directly on the fatty tissue. You can go home right away after the manipulation is over.

How long is the recovery for laser liposuction?

The recovery period after laser lipolysis lasts 3 days on average (max. 5-7 days). Unlike the traditional technique, non-interventional liposuction does not involve the development of bruises (hematomas), pronounced swelling or strong pain. Besides, you can go home right after the manipulation and not stay at the clinic.

Just visit the doctor at the appointed time. It is not only convenient, but also economical because you will not have to pay for the stay in the hospital ward. You will also need to wear special compression garment for one or two weeks after the manipulation (it is not expensive).

How long does laser lipo last?

The duration and cost of the session will first of all depend on the area of the target body part (more for the stomach and considerably less for the face or chin). Secondly, it depends on the thickness of the fat layer. The manipulation will take min. 40 minutes and max. 1.5-2 hours.

Result of laser liposuction

Without almost any pain and spending a very small amount of time (no preparatory period) and a reasonable amount of money, you will get rid of fat deposits in such parts of your body where classical surgical liposuction is impossible. This part of the body will have beautiful contours. Besides, skin is lifted intensively thanks to laser radiation.
It is important to remember that the number of fat cells in the body is limited.

It is only the content of fat that changes, i.e. they get larger. The overwhelming majority of cells are destroyed after the non-interventional laser liposuction. Therefore, if you follow some rules, the effect will last for many years, which is confirmed by our former clients’ feedback.

How much does laser liposuction cost in Diamond Laser?

As compared to the traditional technique, non-interventional liposuction (laser or ultrasound) has positive feedback in Kiev despite a higher price. The final price will always depend on which part of the body you want to improve – stomach, face, front of the neck, etc.

It should be noted that, although non-interventional liposuction is more expensive than the conventional surgical technique, it is safer and less painful, the rehabilitation period is much shorter, and the risk of scars and cicatrices is minimized. The Diamondlaser clinic (Kiev) will offer you the best price.

Manipulation namePh.D. (Medicine)Plastic surgeon
Laser lipolysis + chin liposuction390 EUR 300 EUR
Laser lipolysis + cheek liposuction260 EUR 200 EUR
Laser lipolysis of malar regions260 EUR 200 EUR
Laser lipolysis  (1 zone 10х10 cm)4900 UAH 4000 UAH
Repeated laser lipolysis (1 zone 10х10 cm)2450 UAH 2000 UAH
Laser lipolysis + liposuction6200 UAH 5000 UAH
Laser lipolysis + repeated liposuction3100 UAH 2500 UAH

* payment in UAH at the rate applicable on the day of payment

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