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Laser plastic surgery opens up new opportunities for esthetic medicine. Although the price of these technologies remains higher as compared to conventional operations, the result fully justifies the cost. Cosmetology centers, unlike clinics such as Diamondlaser (Kyiv), mainly use laser equipment for epilation or scar and neoplasm correction.

Knowing about all the advantages of the laser (as confirmed by expert feedback worldwide), we primarily apply it in plastic surgery. These operations are more expensive, but at the same time safer and less invasive – unlike ordinary centers, we care both about the esthetic aspect and about the health and the final outcome of the operation.

A laser beam does not damage the surrounding tissues. It has an antiseptic action, which minimizes the risk of infection. Plastic surgery is usually associated with unattractive post-operative scars. And skin damage is minor and almost unnoticeable after laser treatment.

Competitive advantages of the clinic

If you decide to economize on the correction of your appearance and turn to an ordinary center after getting to know feedback and prices, you should remember about the risks. No ordinary cosmetology center in Kyiv can offer such conditions as our clinic.

First, our staff includes specialists with higher medical education and extensive work experience. For them, esthetic medicine does not differ from the conventional one since they are just as responsible about plastic surgery.

Second, we use only state-of-the-art equipment and technologies with the best expert recomendations. The only disadvantage is that the equipment cost is reflected in the price of operations though the effectiveness is higher, too.

Finally, we care about each and every client and adopt a personalized approach. Since laser plastic surgery generally has a certain number of techniques, our experience allows us to select the best option. At the same time, ordinary centers follow a standard procedure.

List of services offered by the clinic

Currently, Diamondlaser (Kyiv) offers the following types of laser surgery.

Blepharoplasty, or correction of the upper and lower eyelids. The laser precisely removes the excessive old and sagging skin helping to get rid of the folds on upper lids, wrinkles around the eyes and “crow’s feet”, swelling and bags under the eyes. The face looks several years younger at once. The price for this blepharoplasty is almost the same as for the conventional operation. Liposuction, which will resolve the problem of excessive weight in “problematic zones” once and for all provided diet correction. As is known, fat cells do not restore (their number is constant, what changes is the volume of the cells). Clients share positive impressions in their feedback.

Laser treatment of hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis means increased function of sweat glands, most frequently in the region of armpits, palms and feet. Unlike other techniques, the laser eliminates hyperhidrosis forever by damaging the most active glands.

Prices for laser plastic surgery

Manipulation namePh.D. (Medicine)Plastic surgeon
Laser blepharoplasty of lower eyelids1040 EUR700 EUR
Blepharoplasty of lower eyelids +canthopexy1340 EUR1000 EUR
Blepharoplasty of upper eyelids780 EUR600 EUR
Circular laser blepharoplasty1625 EUR1250 EUR
Canthoplasty (correction of eye shape)550 EUR400 EUR
Laser liposuction
Laser chin liposuction390 EUR300 EUR
Laser cheek liposuction260 EUR200 EUR
Laser liposuction of the malar region260 EUR200 EUR
Laser lipolysis (1 zone 10х10 cm)4900 UAH4000 UAH
Laser lipolysis + liposuction (1 zone 10х10 cm)6200 UAH5000 UAH
Laser lipolysis + liposuction of the knee region (inner or outer part)6200 UAH5000 UAH
Laser lipolysis + neck region liposuction (widow’s hump)12800 UAH10000 UAH
Laser lipolysis (widow’s hump)9000 UAH7000 UAH
Stomach lipomodelling (fit abs, waist shaping)2200 EUR1800 EUR
Lipomodelling of the back, sides, buttocks, and hips3500 EUR3000 EUR
Lipomodelling of stomach + breast lipofilling3500 EUR3000 EUR
Body plastic surgery
Laser treatment of hyperhidrosis350 EUR270 EUR
Daycare surgery
Injection for scar treatment1200 UAH
Laser scar excision (1cm on body)2000 UAH
Laser scar excision (1cm on face)3000 UAH
Laser scar excision (10cm)11700 UAH
Laser neoplasm removal (lipoma, atheroma) (1 cm)2000 UAH
Laser neoplasm removal (lipoma, atheroma) (5-10 cm)5000 UAH
Laser removal of ingrown nail (one nail)2000 UAH
Additional services
Surgeon’s consultation1500 UAH500 UAH
Bandaging500 UAH
Repeated surgeon’s examination500 UAH500 UAH
Lipoma histology900 UAH
Suturing after neoplasm resection500 UAH

* payment in UAH at the rate applicable on the day of payment

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